Process Filter Window

Process Filter Window

When running a report you may want to view specific kinds of mark-ups. This can be achieved by correctly using the Process Filter Window.
Items can be filtered by Department, Category and Status these three item combined will generate a report.

The Below image shows the default configuration of the filter mark-up window for most DigEplan environments

The Department field will contain all of your DigEplan environment's departments. The default setting will be "All" but you can filter it to show specific department mark-ups e.g. building this will show all markups that have been generated by users in the building department.

The Next field is Category, the Category field contains the options "All", "Internal" and "Public" This will filter the mark-ups by the category given to them by their reviewer.

The final field is status, the status field contains the options All, Open, Closed and Migrated it will filter the options by the statuses given to them by the reviewer